God to Haiti, Inc.’s priority as an Ambassador for God to Haiti is to inspire families and orphans to have new hope in their lifestyle. The organization provides services to help families and orphans with their medical, housing, educational, and basic needs. We will also help connect these individuals with God.

About The President

Evangelist Jean Myril


My name is Evangelist Jean Myril and I was born in Haiti. I first moved to the United States when I was 18 years old. I did not know God at the time, but I believe that God loved me and that’s the reason He brought me from Haiti to the Promised Land of the United States. I lived in New York for five years and then moved to Florida on December 17, 1997. God has called me to follow Him. I knew what He meant when he called me, but I felt I wasn’t ready to serve my Holy Father. In 1998, I was sleeping when I saw Jesus come to me in a dream. I was following Him by walking behind Him on the outside of a building, around four stories high. We walked upstairs from the ground to the top. Suddenly I was on the last step from the top of the building. I looked away and when I looked back I could not see Jesus. Since I was not yet a Christian, I did not come as soon as I should have. When God saw that I did not come forward to Him, He showed me another sign. Not far from the church I am now a member of, I saw myself in a park with a young girl. We were sitting together and I saw her mother approach us. She asked me why I was doing magic for her daughter. “I didn’t do anything”, I replied. While we talked, I heard a group of people from my church, including my pastor. They were singing. When they got to us, the didn’t say a word and then returned to where they came from and kept singing until I could no longer hear them.

After that dream, I was scared and imagined that if something happened and I was without Jesus, things could get very bad for me. On that very week, I went to the church that I now attend and asked the pastor to pray for me. Since then I have been serving my Lord, but after I came to the Lord in December of 1999, the devil wanted to kill me. He came to break my neck two weeks later, but the stamp of God is on me, thus he could not. Though deeply sleeping, God put the word Hallelujah in my mouth. I woke up terrified. Satan continued to threaten me. I could hear knocking on my headboard, but the Lord was with me. I left the enemy’s darkness for my Father’s light. Again, the Lord placed in my mouth that word Hallelujah. For five years Satan continued to attack me. Some weeks I was hardly able to sleep. Many nights my wife would wake me and ask what was happening. Sometimes I would feel shame and not tell her anything about the dreams, but she knew. Yet the Grace of the Lord was always with me.

Right now God has a plan for me in Haiti. He wants me to hold a revival for Him. He wants me to start a new church. Therefore, even though I feel I have waited too long, I know I can’t do this on my own. I’m asking you to please help me with whatever you can in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

II Corinthians 5:20
“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, by ye reconciled to God.”